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Ted Fields, DDS, PhD
8226 Douglas Ave.
Suite 810
Dallas, Texas 75225
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Your Smile is more than cosmetic
Our Mission... is to provide both innovative and traditional surgical services in a comfortable and caring environment.
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Our treatment philosophy is patient-driven: you are the boss. While we have expertise and in-depth experience in a wide variety of surgical arenas, no one set of procedures is right for everyone. Only you know what it is that you want. It is our goal to fulfill your needs and desires
Our Mission of Practice
Our mission is to discover what YOU want and to provide the best possible care so you can achieve your desired results. We are satisfied only when you are satisfied.
Why Choose Us
We are committed to providing you superior care through High Technology and Higher Education. Dr. Fields has earned a PhD in Craniofacial Biology. He has written may articles, book chapters and computer programs. He is a sought after speaker for professional engagements and developed a patented Jaw Fracture Treatment Device.
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Available Treatments

Dental Implants
Bone Grafting to the Jaws
Removal of Wisdom Teeth
Corrective Jaw Surgery
TMJ Treatment
Facial Trauma
Facial Esthetic Surgery
Intraoral Esthetic Surgery
Biopsy and Tumor & Lesion Treatment
Complex Facial Reconstruction
Additional Services
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A Commitment to Your Needs

We work with you to help you find expert dental care for your other specialized dental needs. There are many dentists, dental specialists and physicians, with whom we regularly work, to help you obtain exactly the care you desire.

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